Connecting People, Empowering Communities

A modern solution for resource referral and crisis support

Amplify your impact when you team up with a proactive technology partner that sets your organization up to do what you do best – help people in need.

Connecting People, Empowering Communities


Quickly deliver resources to people who need them while freeing your staff from repetitive, manual tasks.


Leverage real-time data to meet deadlines, inform decisions, and align resources with the unique needs of your community.


Harness the power of modern technology with AI, automation, and analytics to meet evolving goals and requirements.


Serves Everyone

See How Sophia Works Contact Center Staff Easily customize out-of-the-box forms and reports to optimize multiple contact flows while supporting core operations and quality assurance. Resource and Data Teams Curate your resource database, meet standards, and maintain control of shared data while you manage updates with in-app workflows. Local Community Create tailor-made resource directories to put the most relevant resources into the hands of residents and partners. Executive Management Meet reporting requirements, strategically utilize data, and handle crisis situations while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.
Contact Center

Contact Center Staff

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Resource Managers

Resource and data teams

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Executive Management

local community

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The Public

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What You Get with



Accessible when you need it with real-time data, even when demand surges.


AI and automation take care of busy work, freeing your people to focus on making a difference.


Adapts to the unique needs and approach of each provider while fostering collaboration.


Built on secure cloud platform and managed by a dedicated SOC 2 Type 2 compliant cybersecurity organization.


Backed by a robust US-based technical support team committed to superior service.


is a Partnership Between
I&R Providers and
Technology Experts

Sophia was created as a collaboration among Bellwether Technology Corporation, VIA LINK Inc., and the United Way Association of South Carolina to address the need for a better technology solution for I&R service providers.

As their existing I&R software struggled to keep up with their evolving requirements, VIA LINK and UWASC each sought an answer. They knew they needed an application that was specifically designed for their purposes and would adapt quickly to new developments. It was clear that such a solution was not readily available and that building one was a significant undertaking with no guarantee of success.

Having been involved in various capacities with 211s for well over a decade, Bellwether understood the enormous potential for a software application that would amplify the positive impact that I&R has on the world. As a long-established and successful managed IT and cybersecurity services company, Bellwether also understood that getting the most from technology is as much about people as it is about machines and software.

Discussions among executive leadership at the three organizations led to a tight collaboration to design and build a new solution, with each member bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the partnership. The result is Sophia: a modern I&R solution guided by VIA LINK’s and UWASC’s vision and propelled by Bellwether’s 40+ years of technical leadership and customer service excellence.


“Previous to Sophia, we had to force ourselves into databases that were meant for other purposes. The idea of something being created by 211 people for 211 people was something that had not ever happened until now.”
Katie Reams, South Carolina 211
“The strong point with Bellwether for us is that they were a customer service-oriented company first and then moved into this development. With Bellwether we have an IT partner who will work with us proactively.”
Lavondra Dobbs, CEO, VIALink


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